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Ruffell—and the hope that his stay with us might be a long and happy one.

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In that same term the first Paris visit was arranged. Whitehouse was a member of the K. The main item of interest, however, during the second half of the Spring Term was our annual Lent Charity Appeal. Before the H.

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Whitehouse was a stickler for work, he would nor allow us to take the boys down until gunfire began. Willis and a senior play produced by Mr. More consultations!

Naught girls Dover

Inwhen war clouds were threatening the long years of Victorian and Edwardian peace, the building of the new two-storey school in Frith Road actually began and, despite the fears and terrors of that First World War the new school was opened in I remember one boy whose foster-father and foster-mother were childless and they adored this boy.

What seemed abnormal was the black-out rigidly imposed, the issuing of gas masks and the disturbing fact that senior boys on leaving school ed one of the Services, instead of proceeding to college or university. Putting forward his views on its role in Britain today, he was generally in favour of retaining it, for he saw that it still had several useful functions. This was dedicated by the Bishop of Dover as was also an oak-framed mural tablet in memory of Mr.

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The shop proved tremendously popular and a financial success. The year was one of steady all-round development. Pitceathly the school will be losing a dynamic and colourful member of the staff. Booth begged us to impress on the boys the need for courtesy and gratitude while we were strangers in a strange land. Court, Esq.

He had been a member of the staff since and hundreds of boys had profited by his brilliant teaching of Maths. Whitehouse was not the sort of man to tolerate such housing conditions for long. Wheeler chose as his subject Religion. Finally each of us on the Staff was given charge of a group and whirled away in buses girlx different places up and down that seven-mile valley.

A few of the outstanding girls also ed the boys for lessons, particularly maths, of which Mr. Perhaps the most ingenious device was produced by the brains of 5A. On the last day of the Christmas Naugjt a t presentation to Mr. The following year we welcomed Mr. This Naguht includes one of the first appearances of Alicia Rhodes, now a very famous name in the porn industry. Then followed the Official Opening in the Assembly Hall. We wish him happiness in his new venture and assure him of our deep gratitude.

The Corps had temporarily run out of badges and the boy had no distinguishing marks on his tunic.

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On our return to Dover near the end of the autumn term,we were compelled to work in 3 buildings—the Technical Institute, the School of Art and Hillersden House. Some good soul offered me a bed which I accepted gratefully.

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Then followed the Headmaster and staff in full academic dress and the long, long line of boys. The name of Mr.

Tomlinson retired. An article in Pharos for that year recorded the presentation of the Freedom of the Borough to Admiral Sir Roger Keyes and another described the formation of the League of Nations on which our hopes of future peace so firmly rested.

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In Mr. During that short time he wrote once in Pharos; a tribute to his old friend Mr. Being the only woman on the staff I was sometimes in demand for running repairs. In a very short time he was agitating for a new building and though he had to wait some years the K.

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Hugh Leney whose death preceded his own by a few months. Booth paid a generous tribute to his predecessor and surveyed the manifold activities of the School ranging from exams to games, from House Competitions to School excursions at home and abroad. Bishop, who had won in years, was the clear favourite again and he set out strongly to find himself with a fifty yard lead at the halfway stage. of discs : 1 Reviews Ben Girps films are shot in a gonzo style which means the action Nautht filmed as it unfolds and the cameraman is also in the film, usually having his cock sucked.

His was by far the most emotional presentation with frequent use of the rhetorical question.

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Originally planned for 20th July the Fete was actually held on the afternoon of Saturday, 16th July. Coopland, first editor of Pharos.

In the October of over boys went on pilgramage to Canterbury. For months beforehand boys, staff, parents and Old Boys had been making preparations. October 29th,witnessed an American sale when some gifts were sold.

This gave the effect rather of a skeleton fete, and if the stalls had been more concentrated around the Tower, the Gymnasium and the changing rooms, the collective focus of attention—though with still enough room to allow people to circulate freely, then I feel sure there would have been a greater air of organisation and activity, more conducive to persuading visitors to part readily with their money than the actual set-up. Many cadets won the advanced certificate under Mr.

Naught girls Dover

The new Headmaster, Mr. Whitehouse saw it and demanded how much he had paid for it.

Another time shops near the Market Square had been bombed and I saw a jeweller—well-known to me—scrambling among the ruins searching for rings, watches and bracelets which had been hurled through the smashed window. That boy, now an elderly man, still lives at River. He knew little more than we did but very soon found out that we were to leave Dover the following Sunday, June hirls, by special train for an unknown Dober. Archer ed the staff and is still there in this year of grace !