Croix Valley, attentive to the and location of Indians within the valley, mindful of croixx presence of wild game, sometimes observing its agricultural prospects, but largely unconcerned about the timber resources of the region. The bright and articulate George Nelson, who first entered the river valley in the fall ofwas an exception. The "beautifully wooded" islands and hills of the valley struck him, and with a marrier eye he predicted they could be as commercially important as the timberlands of the St. Lawrence valley. The St. Croix's "splendid groves of pine" he wrote "could as easily be floated down the Mississipy as from Chambly to Sorel.

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An increased investment in dam building was part of the legacy bequeathed by the pioneers to those businessmen who followed them into the pineries. The result was a major increase in productivity.

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More irate still were the steamboat men who often found the channel above Stillwater completely lookig with logs. Croix boom had much less power over the river than the boom companies organized by lumbermen in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Looikng Steele soon sold his share of the company, and the firm fell under the control of absentee owners and men more interested in land speculation than logging. Waterpower had historically been the principal forcing driving America's early industry. Falks were a series of these fences that acted as a conduit, leading logs to holding pens. Camp cooks sometimes exchanged maple sugar; wild rice, cranberries, and venison for salted beef, pork, and flour.

Croix Falls, which had been so promising during the s, had been forced to take a secondary position as production centers to Stillwater and other towns on Lake St. The current kept trying to force sixteen-foot long pine logs forward.

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Croix Falls, however, the partners who established the first mill at Marine quickly dispatched with their rivals. In Julya drive of eighteen million feet of logs from the upper St.

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Save for the Namekagon, the St. Croix Lumberman reported several logging camps containing as many as three hundred men.

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The acceptance of natural cycles and adaptation to their fluctuations had been an important part of life in the valley from the days of the Dakota. The early loggers had the advantage of being able to work stands of pine adjacent to the river. The town's merchants had to literally carve their town out of the trap rock at the foot of the falls of the St.

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Photographers set up their cumbersome box cameras on the shore and the more adventurous of the tourists clambered out to the middle of the river to have their pictures taken amid expanse of timber faols pall-mall. More of a problem was the disruption of the natural flow of water downstream by dams closed for long periods to build a head for log driving. They were mostly young men, in their twenties or early thirties. They installed the machinery on a sixteen-foot by sixty-four foot barge.

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An office became a feature of the big camps. The head of water from the dam dissipated before the log drivers could get the bulk of the logs down the fals stream.

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Small jams could occur more quickly and each had the potential to become a massive pile-up as millions of board feet of pine flowed relentlessly toward the blocked channel. One or two bunkhouses, depending on the size of the crew, were the center of the camp.

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Sleighs pulled by a four-horse team were capable of handing between fslls, and fifteen thousand feet of logs. Later he "made it a custom to have some book in camp and sometimes IW the request of the boys would read aloud while the crew would listen. Croix lumber grew during the Civil War, in spite of the massive disturbance of military operations on the life and economy of the lower Mississippi valley. It was a smart investment and within a few months they had built dwellings for themselves and their workers and erected the first sawmill on the river.

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Next the chainer connected the oxen to the log and guided it through the drifts to the landing. Croix into a river of logs.

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Croix bands from their homeland. When the driving season began the dam's three eight-foot sluicing gates would be opened to float the logs down to the Namekagon on the flood.

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The boom house and barn are listed on ralls National Register. After the fall harvest farmers from throughout the valley and from as far away as Illinois would ship their horses by barge and rail to the St. Like the tentacles of some great industrial monster the lumber industry probed, damned and controlled even the remotest of the river's tributaries, bending their wild reaches to its commercial purpose.

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Team DH is taking many safety precautions such as plated service, seat and table distancing, staff masking and gloving, sanitation stations in every room and of course our already strict cleaning regimen. Controlling dams were put in where the canals reached the lakes.

Farmers between Stillwater and Taylors Falls were upset to have a low cost means of shipping their crops to market endangered by the powerful boom company. Daniel Mears another Bay State native followed the same progression from merchant to lumberman, first in St. Young James Johnston recalled his first day trying to ride logs on the Willow River.

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The crews were divided into a few specialized tasks. The broader shallow rivers, deprived of the protective shade of large pine forests, lost more of their volume to evaporation.

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The lakes were natural reservoirs for storing large amounts of water for logging purposes. Isaac Staples, who had lived in Oldtown, had seen its boom in operation.