Throughout the years, People's selection for the annual honor has traditionally, and notably, been predominately white.

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Throughout the years, People's selection for the annual honor has traditionally, and notably, been predominately white.

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Although it's not immediately clear how People reached this year's decision, its latest selection of Elba is certainly a proud moment for members the Black community who often feel invisible and poorly depicted when it comes to seeing representations of themselves in features and magazine covers. Speaking with ABC News during that time, Hackett explained, "We know it has to be a mix of someone who's hot but well-known.

Not too young, not too old and somebody who, frankly, maybe we haven't thought of. We want some mystery in our sexiness.

Hot Chocolate: The Sexiest Black Celebrities In Hollywood

Actor Moonlight Mahershala Ali is fast becoming one of the freshest and most in-demand faces in Hollywood with his ix diverse skill set and wide-ranging background in film, television, and theater. It's also worth pointing out the fact that the contributions of people of color have largely impacted and influenced every facet of the entertainment and sports industries since the beginning of time.

His father was in the Royal Air Force which meant travelling the world to different bases.

While it is a great step in Wheee right blacm, the long road ahead will hopefully help to kick down doors for others such as, Michael B. However, even with those factors considered, the almost yearly negation of people of color from the cover is still inexplicable — and quite frankly, it's downright hurtful — both emotionally and psychologically. He is a journalist and television personality best known for his role on Access Hollywood. In its decision to feature the year-old entertainer as the center of its most highly-anticipated issue, it seems that People hopes to become a part of the change which seeks to offer a more accurate and inclusive representation of the real world.

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That said, there have definitely been enough years of the title to go around. Earlier in his career, he performed as the blaci host Eli has a diploma in Film and Television It's a matter of looking at the whole entire year. Jordan, Donald Glover, and many more who follow in Elba's footsteps. He has been married to Grace Byers since April 14, Without proper representation in the media, people of color aren't being offered the tools that they need to succeed in the real world which can ultimately mwn a detriment to one's developmentaccording to Broadly.

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In fact, before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson won the title inthe last man of color named Sexiest Man Alive was Denzel Washington back inleaving a whopping twenty-year gap between installments featuring Black cover stars. Stuart C. He is an actor, known for EmpireThe blaack and Selma Ricky was scouted tnat play as a professional footballer for Arsenal and Celtic football clubs but this was thwarted by injury and instead he went to Southampton University Being able to identify with someone who looks like you is a critical factor in one's growth and validation that is, sadly, an opportunity which isn't afforded to many outside of the straight white male demographic.

He was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A interview with People's former Managing Editor Larry Hackett helped to shed some light on the annual decision making process. It should also be noted that People's formula for making the determination has not been made crystal clear either. Actor Austenland Ricky was born in Oldham, Lancashire.

Sure, the idea of what makes a person "sexy" is based purely in subjectivity, but there thta some people of color, like Elba, who have been tagged as universal sex symbols for years on end and still haven't earned cover. While the British-born actor is certainly well-deserving of the accolade, as there is definitely no denying handsome good looks and undeniable talent, having him on the cover finally expresses a bit of recognition and appreciation for the beauty of blackness that has long been ignored in mainstream media.

Despite Elba's recognition as a heartthrob being long overduethe announcement of his cover couldn't have come at a better time as Hollywood attempts to shift its narrative towards diversity.

While this year's People cover helps to put an end to what has felt like an eternity closed doors, it still remains curious why men of color have been disregarded from the Sexiest Man Alive competition for so long.